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AMICK ROLLAERATOR The #1 Lawn Aerator Machine


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Aeriate your lawn in minutes!

The AMICK ROLLAERATOR is great for golf courses and commercial landscapes!



DoubleDisk RollAerator
Convertible DoubleDisk RollAerator

Starting with the tine carrying disk. Loosen the small u-bolt nuts securing the tines and remove the tines, then replace them in aerating position. Each tine has a Locator Notch etched on the side and must be positioned under the loop before re-tightening. Tighten nuts down so there is no tine wiggle. No tines will come loose and be lost if the loop is squarely seated in the locator notch when tightened.
When all tines are tightly in place…

The New Clamshell Doubledisk 2023 configuration comes fully built and can be set up as a single disk, (one row of holes, easiest to push)..or as a double disk, (two rows of holes). You decide which way by…attach tines to one disk and see how it does..if it’s punching full depth then you attach tines to the other disk. Harder ground usually u stay in single row mode. Tine depth is variable but start at 2″ deep. Each tine has a mark on it to indicate two inches deep.

Doubledisk Clamshell version final assembly Parts:

Main disk with tines
Auxiliary disk no tines 
2 square steel plates 
Axle with 2 nuts
Loosen the 2 small nuts on each Ubolt, slip tine out from stow position, reverse direction, position notch on the tine under the loop and tighten Ubolt again. Do all tines like that
Find a small piece of 2×4, set it flat on the bench, stand the main disk up on the 2×4 with 2 tines straddling, stand auxiliary disk next to main disk, both disks painted sides out, put axle clear thru the large holes in the disks, slide the plates on both ends of the axle, screw the nuts on both ends, before tightening be sure an equal length of axle extends past the nuts, (about 3/4″ each side)
With a helper holding the disk assembly vertical, loosen a nut a bit and position the square plates to cover the painted squares on both disks, when positioned right the disks should be aligned, some close adjustment is usually necessary here, then tighten the nuts very firmly.
Attach the handles to the axle studs and tighten firmly. Shoot some grease into the open ends of the handlebar to lube the axles.
Assembly complete

Final Assembly of the ‘New for 23’ Amick DoubleDisk RollAerator (two rows of holes)..And SingleDisk RollAerator (one row of holes)

In the box you have:
  the disk assembly,  
  14 tines for doubledisk, 7 for singledisk
   hardware for attaching the handlebar,
Delivered separately: The handlebar 
  Use a piece of wood to tap with..insert the tines inside the loops, some tapping is usually needed as its a tight fit..align the ink mark on the tine with the ubolt..use a 7/16 gear wrench to tighten the two nuts associated with that ubolt..don’t tighten so much that u flatten the tine..bolt the tines on one disk only.
  Per picture attach bolt hardware to the handlebar and attach the handlebar to the disk..securely tighten all nuts and bolts using a 3/4 wrench..grease or oil axles and take the machine for a spin on your lawn..if it’s punching full depth then you can mount tines to the other disk..
  generally..one disk mounted with tines is easier to push than both disks mounted.. you may need to remove or add tines in order to best aerate different lawns because of differences in soil density.
Any questions please feel free to call or email.
  Thanks again… michael Amick



The axle. Screw one of the 1/2″ nuts onto the axle so 34″ shows past the nut. Poke that end into the wood block and stand it up on the bench. Slide on one of the steel plates. Place the tine carrying disk on top of the steel plate with the tines upside and centered on the axle. Place the auxiliary disk on top of the tine disk with the “hat” upside. Slide the other steel plate on the axle. Screw on the other 12″ nut. Center everything up and snug down the top nut. Hold the disk assembly in a vertical position. Using two 34″ wrenches or equivalent, one on each end of the axle, very firmly torque down the nuts. Held vertical gives you the best leverage. When tightened, 34″ of axle will show past the nuts on both sides of the disk.
With the disk assembled…

Simple instructions for using mower bars….
Mower bars are usually segmented…two halves that bend in the middle…squeeze together the ends that attache to the mower to the width of the disk 12″… straighten the 2 tabs at the bottom parallel…use round file or drill to bore the tab holes to 1/2 inch wide…install provided disk attachment bolts and attach to the disk. Grease the axles each use… Mike amick


The handle. With the disk held vertically spread the arms of the handle enough to start the coupling nuts onto the axle studs. Tighten firmly. You are ready to Roll-aerate now. Poke some grease into the handle ends each use to keep the axle well lubed and turning most easily. Clear tines of soil after use to prevent rust. Use a wooden stick to poke out the last plugs.


When all tines are in place…

The disk is now ready for single-disc use. Just screw on the handlebars and go.
To make it a DoubleDisk.. Use the wood block to hold the disk horizontally with the tines upside. Screw the short auxiliary axle onto the axle stud. Lay the auxiliary disc on top of the tine disk with the “hat” upside. Slide on the steel plate. Screw on the 12″ nut. Center all and tighten the nut very hard. This will leave 34″ of axle showing past the nuts on both sides of the disk. Screw on the handlebars and tighten firmly.

Any questions please message or call the number on the website…






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I’m talking about Lawn Aeration and your very own ROTORAERATOR lawn aerator.
Every lawn in town needs to be aerated from time to time. Aerating a lawn is when small holes are punched in the lawn soil to increase water and air penetration and make roots divide, grow deeply and cause the lawn to stay thick and healthy.

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I am impressed!
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I was skeptical at first, having used those step on aerators that do nothing but plug up. I was worried this would do the same thing. These are hand made out of recycled steel parts and it is heavy. That weight allows the tines to do what they need to do and plunge several inches into the soil. To my surprise, they tines do not clog up. I did my rear lawn, about 5000 square feet in about 25 minutes. My wife even wanted in and did about half herself. Really impressed and glad it’s part of my equipment.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New


Amick Rollaerator
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My roll aerator arrived, in 2 separate boxes, about 2 weeks after placing the order. The instructions were straight forward, and everything went together as expected. The unit is built like a tank, and should last forever. I was amazed at how well this machine works. It pulled consistent 2″ plugs, without clogging, from my mostly clay soil. The unit is heavy, as it needs to be, so you will get a work out by using it. My yard is about 1/4 acre, with hills, so I just split it up, and aerated over 2 days. I also like that it doesn’t take much room to store it. Great job Mike!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

John Hausler

Excellent tool for the garden
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This works perfectly. I have now used it on mine v and my mums lawn and almost covered the cost back compared to paying a company to do it. It is very well made. You will get slightly out of breath using it which I do not mind but it is usable by all healthy people and you can always take your time as I was doing it quickly. A great invention and a wise investment for me. I would definitely recommend getting one. I live in Nottinghamshire England and it was posted to me with no problems. Thank you.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

Russell & Anne Marie

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